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Vitek Pet is the premier source of injection molded pet products. Whether interactive plastic pet toys or edible dental treats, ViTek Pet can take a napkin sketch, or idea, and make your product a reality. Let us work with you to be your primary vendor of injection molded pet products.

Injection molding treat
Injecton moldng pet treat
Pet treatinjecton molding

Plastic Injection Molding

Whether you have existing molds, or are starting from scratch with your design, ViTek Pet is your premier source for injection molded plastic pet products. Our plastic materials experts will help you identify the appropriate FDA-certified materials for your product, whether you are looking for a soft, rubbery thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) or a rigid nylon. Let us work with your team to provide you with USA-based design, manufacturing, and packaging of premier injection molded pet products.

Starch Injection Molding

From working through the design stage to 3D computer models, ViTek Pet can develop 3D printed parts to ensure your product is designed per your specifications. Once the design has been optimized, we will work with you to create a prototype mold, which can be used to evaluate an edible starch formulation to test the marketability of your product. When you are ready to take your product to market, ViTek Pet will provide production tooling and expertise to manufacture and package your product in a cost-effective manner, all in the USA.

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